Jungkook’s Graduation


As of February 7, 2017 KST Jungkook has graduated from SOPA (School of Performing Arts) now adding another Idol to the SOPA’s Graduates. Jungkook also received the “Special Achievement Award” at his graduation ceremony.

The award was given to him for working hard as a high school student while promoting as a global idol.This award is meant to congratulate the recipients for their hard work and is a way to show their perseverance has paid of making them a role model of the SOPA Graduates of 2017. (Kylie @allforbts)



Jungkook could be seen walking around campus with the biggest smile I am so proud of him he definitely deserved it. here are videos of him walking around campus and during his interview.

BTS on Twitter

Jungkook will now start a new chapter in his life 😊

Sources: Jungkook receives SOPA’s “Special Achievement Award”

Naver , Osen, Sports Chosun, MBNStar, 10 Asia, mydaily, segye


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