Comeback D-1…BTS’s new song contains ‘consolation and hope’

[OSEN=Jung Jun Hwa] Boy group BTS’s new album, ‘WINGS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ is going to be released in one day.

The group’s new album ‘WINGS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ contains a message of hope and consolation to heal the youth of this generation. The album contains total 18 songs including 4 new songs such as ‘Spring Day’, ‘Not Today’, ‘Outro : Wings’, and ‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone’.

Title song ‘Spring Day’ is a song that can see BTS’s another new image even though they have been presenting continuous musical development. The song is an alternative hip hop song with British Rock emotion and electronic sound, and leader RAP MONSTER composed the song’s main melody.

BTS’s upcoming new album is receiving music fans’ huge attention as about 700 thousand pieces were pre-ordered in advance. BTS’s second official album ‘WINGS’ was released last year and the album was named on the 26th place of American Billboard 200 chart and 62nd place of UK Album Chart for the first time as a Korean artist. Since they have been highly loved by global music fans, the group’s new album is highly expected as well.

Meanwhile, BTS is going to hold a NAVER V LIVE show, ‘BTS ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ on February 12 at 10:40 PM ahead of releasing the album.


Blog Credit to OSEN


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